The US Department of Housing & Urban Development states that children that live in a home that is owned vs rented have higher math scores, higher reading scores, lower teen pregnancy rates and lower school dropout rates.

In the midst of juggling work, kids, co-parenting, home, and all that entails, a home repair you don’t know how to fix, or don’t think you can afford to hire a professional to fix, can seem overwhelming.

That’s where Homes for Single Moms comes in. We are here to offer you resources to help you stretch your budget, manage your home, and keep up with needed maintenance before the repair creates bigger issues and possible health concerns.

Along with education, workshops, a list of resources and trustworthy service professionals who won’t price gouge you or tell you that you need repairs you don’t, we also connect you with a supportive community. There are over 20,000 nonprofits in Arizona. There is no way that one nonprofit can provide all the resources you may need, so we have compiled an (ongoing) list of resources and services that provide services we do not. Some of these nonprofits provide clothing and food pantries, shelters or temporary housing, and some offer school scholarships for single moms. Each of these nonprofits have their area of focus, and as a community we are stronger together.

We are the hub for under-resourced single mother homeowners (and some resources are relevant to single moms and dads who are not homeowners).

Healthy homes build healthy communities.


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