How We Help

Homes for Single Moms is focused on helping single mother homeowners maintain and manage their homes.

Occasionally we have workshops or events that are relevant to all single mother households, whether you are a homeowner or not. Through our four key initiatives Homes For Single Moms is able to help educate and empower single mother households in the Phoenix area.


By partnering with local businesses and influencers, our organization provides seminars, webinars, workshops and  live events in a classroom-like setting. Each event topic is specifically catered to the immediate needs of our constituents and local single moms. Most recently, H4SM hosted a seminar at the Tempe Public Library surrounding the topic of “Legal Documents Every Single Parent Should Have” with attorney Jeff Lynch of Tempe, AZ.

For a full calendar of upcoming educational events, check out our events calendar on Facebook.

Item Donation

We re-purpose household items such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, lawnmowers, etc. to single mother households. We are also open to receiving other household items that are gently used, such as: tools, gardening supplies, pool supplies, furniture, kitchen supplies, household appliances and decor.

If you are interested in donating an item please send a request via the contact page.


Women are strong and courageous. When it comes down to it, they are there to pick up the pieces and put everything back together again. This however, is sometimes not the case when it comes to home maintenance. Not everyone knows how to fix a water heater, nor should they attempt to do so. Many elements of the home require expertise and a greater understanding than some may have.

Through partnerships with local vendors and businesses, H4SM provides vetted, quality, and trustworthy maintenance workers to help keep homes in good repair, and even offer some resources for home improvement. For a full list of resources and vendors check out our resources page.

Community Building Events

We partner with other nonprofits that have a different focus than ours so we can share resources and help build community and support among single mother households. When women come together in a unified group, there isn’t anything that can stop them from accomplishing their goals. We’re excited to be apart of a fantastic local community who is supportive of the single parent family.