About Us

Who Are We?

Homes for Single Moms is a Public Charity, 501©3, that helps single mother homeowners manage and maintain their homes by offering support, resources, education and maintenance.

Statistically, children who live in homes that are owned vs rented have higher math scores, higher reading scores, lower teen pregnancy rates, and lower school dropout rates.

We are not a shelter, nor have any affiliation with government housing.

If you need those resources please see our “Resources” tab to find a list of other resources offered in the Phoenix Metro area.

We are here to help single mothers who need resources or guidance in managing their homes, as well as single mother homeowners who need help with maintenance and repairs.

We provide sliding scale maintenance fees as well as organize community work projects.

We also take donated appliances and household items and re-purpose them to single mother households. Our purpose is to help single mother homeowners maintain their homes to avoid foreclosure, and maintain or improve their quality of life.

Our Approach

We believe single women have the power to change their own lives – and their children’s – for the better.

When women come together with Homes for Single Moms, we can provide the tools necessary to improve the immediate quality of their lives.

Homes For Single Moms stands behind life improvement for women and their children.

Our local network of repair persons, advisers, attorneys, and partners helps us provide resources for the most under-resourced demographic in the US.

We help women find solutions to challenges with home management and maintenance to provide stable, healthy, thriving environments, for the benefit of the kids.